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Do I need to have workers' compensation insurance?

Yes, California law requires employers to have workers' compensation insurance if they have even one employee. (Out-of-state employers may need workers' compensation coverage if an employee is regularly employed in California or a contract of employment is entered into here.)

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If you are looking to purchase workers compensation insurance coverage, discover how we can help you buy with little money down, improve your cash flow, reduce audit risk and save you hundreds of dollars per month.

California Workers’ Compensation Insurance (usually referred to as California Workers’ Comp Insurance) is designed to provide medical benefits to workers who were injured while on the job. California Workers’ Comp Insurance is not general health insurance, but California’s Workman’s Comp insurance is to protect workers and businesses from major medical bills when an injury is job related.

At SJB Insurance we will assist you in acquiring the workers compensation insurance you need for your situation. Whether you are a small or large company, we have the right answers to your questions.

How much does workers' compensation insurance cost a business?

The cost of workers' compensation varies depending on the number of employees, how risky your business is, and whether any of your employees were injured in the past.

Although the cost, called premiums, can differ, they are calculated in basically the same way. The premium depends on the number of employees and cost of payroll. Each occupation is assigned a risk classification and each company is a little different. Risk is determined by the historical experience of two factors: the frequency of on-the-job injury and the severity of injury of the industry.

Why Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

Without the right business insurance coverage, your business could suffer financial ruin due to a catastrophic loss or legal lawsuit. Obtaining commercial insurance unique to your business needs will allow you to plan for the worst case scenario, maintain a successful, viable business and provide peace of mind. Review and assess your business needs often for complete protection of your business.

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